Flexiride Trailer Suspension Units - FSB1300

Trailer Suspension Units - Flexiride: 1300kg braked - 4x5.5"
FSB1300 Trailer Suspension Units - Flexiride: 1300kg braked - 4x5.5"
Pair of 1000-1300kg Flexiride fully bonded independent suspension units with splined adjustable solid steel arms c/w Knott 203x40 auto-reverse brakes, 4 stud 5.5" pcd, bowden brake cables included. Proven tough and reliable an excellent choice where a smoother more flexible ride quality is needed. Fully bonded design repels water and dirt making it ideal for boat trailers. Capacity 1000-1300kg per pair.
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Our Price: £427.42

Flexiride suspension units are world-renowned for their superior ride qualities.  The rubber is bonded to the centre shaft and the outer shell which when in use works in torsion rather than the standard compression system.

Being fully bonded means the suspension is completely sealed and water and dirt are repelled.  This design gives a long, maintenance free life and provides a cost effective solution for lighter trailers, and particularly boat trailers, looking for a reliable product with an excellent ride performance.

The unique splined centre shaft and arm enables the ride height to be adjusted to suit.  This also means that the body or arm can be easily replaced without having to change the whole unit as with other systems.

Supplied and priced as a pair, 1 x offside unit (right hand) and 1 x nearside unit (left hand) unless advised by email to the contrary.  If required for replacement purposes we are able to supply individually, please enquire for details.



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